Hello! If you don’t know me, my name is Ashley and I love international mission work. I didn’t discover this love until my freshman year of university

and this is my story.

Seeing God’s Hands

To cut this pre-mission trip story out would be cutting out some of the best parts of God’s story. So a little background. When I was in High School I went to this summer camp in Texas and this is where I met God on a personal level. He became very real through those few days and it changed the way I viewed everything. At this camp my leader was 19 and her name was Natalie and she was moving to Uganda because that was where God was calling her. I saw her and thought well if she can do it, maybe I could too. This was the original spark of curiosity I carried with me into college about international missions. 

2015: Philippines

So my freshman year I asked God about maybe going over seas and experiencing life outside of the comforts of America. He lead me on this trip of 28 females and we went & I came back changed. That spark began growing into a passion.

To read more about this trip here is my post about it! 

2016: India

Since the Phillippines I was craving another trip. I wanted to learn more about this interest that God placed on my heart so I began praying about my next destination. God answered through multiple people in my life: a long term trip. So my only option was to travel to Manipur, India for two months.  

Honestly, this trip was so rough. Being there for so long drained me in a lot of ways and left me with unanswered questions about my future and this passion I still have. “Is long term mission work something in your plan God?”

2017: Uganda

Now we come to my Junior year. My heart is now doubting this passion and not sure how to proceed. I looked into all the GCU mission trips but did not feel led to go on any of them. So I began praying and looking for different ways to explore this more and I thought about Natalie, my Texan friend who lived in Uganda. I messaged her on Facebook to ask if they ever take short term missionaries. Long story short, I went & God worked. It was an amazing experience. He communicated to me, “hey, be ready in January”. 

What’s next?

After coming back from Uganda, I just felt clarity about my next step. Queue the prayers.

A family friend reached out to me and asked about me moving to Ukraine. He has been working with the ministry for 5 years. Over grilled chicken at Cracker Barrel, I asked questions and He answered, explaining the ministry. I continued praying then I decided to take the next step forward knowing God will lead me where He wants me. So here we are.

After graduation in January 2018 I will be moving to Ukraine. I am committing to one year of ministry in Kharkiv, Ukraine working with Ukraine Partners for Christ. This organization does not have a website yet, (apparently my job), but as soon as it’s up, I’ll let you know.

This ministry is has two different branches: One in the city and one in the villages. I do not know what my specific role will be in Ukraine. This flexibility and possibility is both nerve racking and exciting but I know God will bring me there purposefully. 

Which brings us to today.

I can’t do this alone and I wouldn’t want to. I ask that you prayerfully consider supporting me. For me to go overseas and take this step of obedience, I need to be sponsored $1000 monthly. I really ask you to pray about it. I don’t take this lightly, this is a commitment. I am expecting the Lord to provide in this because it is what He is calling me into & I would love to experience it with you. 

Support me

If you feel urged to help me, here is the link. Whether it is $5 a month, $100 dollars a month or a one time send, I appreciate it SO MUCH. Literally, thank you.  

* I have chosen Paypal to receive donations because it was the easiest option and it does go through the ministry which is a certified 501(c)(3) so it is tax deductible.

If you wish to donate monthly you have two options.
1. Use the link below and commit to donating monthly beginning the date you sign up or
2. Email me what you wish to commit to so I know my progress towards my goal and I will email you in January the sign up form.

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Thank you for reading my story. It has been a wild ride and I am beyond excited for everything that is to come. I cant wait to step forward into my future with this community. 

With love,
Ashley Jo